Speaker Date Topic
Elaine Boyd Jan 29, 2021
Fruit Trees

Fruit trees (Miscellaneous)

by Elaine Boyd

Elaine gives a power point presentation about the many varities of fruit trees that can be grown in San Diego. She also can be found at the Del Mar fair hosting an informational booth about fruit trees.
Contact: elaine@nicedigs.net

Michele Nash-Hoff Feb 05, 2021
Rebuild Manufacturing - the key to American Prosperity

Rebuild Manufacturing - the key to American Prosperity (Vocational)

by Michele Nash-Hoff

"After losing 5.8 million manufacturing jobs from 2000 - 2010, we have regained nearly 800,000 jobs and companies are returning manufacturing back from offshore. Michele will present information from her latest book, "Rebuild Manufacturing - the key to American Prosperity. She will discuss the current state of manufacturing, what has been accomplished in the last few years and discuss recommendations for national policies to rebuild manufacturing to create jobs and prosperity in America. Michele Nash-Hoff is President of ElectroFab Sales, a director on the board of the American Jobs Alliance and the San Diego Inventors forum, as well as an authorized speaker for the Reshoring Initiative to return manufacturing to America.
More information: www.savingusmanufacturing.com
Contact: michele@savingusmanufacturing.com, tel: 619-850-1575

Peter Phillips - PLRC Feb 12, 2021
Recreational Boaters of California (advocating for boaters’ rights with our state legislators)
Sheri Painter - Birds Eye Aerial Drones Feb 19, 2021
Drones in the SoCal Economy

Drones in the SoCal Economy (Economy)

by Sheri Painter

Drones in the SoCal Economy is an informative presentation focused on drones in the local economy. Sheri covers topics such as what is a drone and usage by industry category, DoD vs commercial use of drones, what is the US IPP, as well as collaboration and support of the drone industry. The presentation includes a great Show & Tell, lots of facts, figures and beautiful imagery, along with a very engaging Q&A. Our club thoroughly enjoyed this presentation.
More information: BirdsEyeAerialDrones.com
Contact: Sheri@BirdsEyeAerialDrones.com, tel: 805-890-8817

Randy Lioz - Braver Angels Feb 26, 2021
Conflict Resolution Through Dialogue

Conflict Resolution Through Dialogue (Peace)

by Randy Lioz

Randy is the director of Online Experience and California state coordinator at Braver Angels, an organization that brings together political opposites to learn to listen and understand each other more clearly. The aim of this group is to reduce political polarization. Randy is a trained moderator and regularly leads workshops, writes for Braver Angels Media and appears on the podcast. In a world that is torn apart by polarization, Braver Angels is a citizens' organization uniting red and blue Americans in a working alliance to depolarize the country.
More information: braverangels.org
Contact: rlioz@braverangels.org, tel: 516-655-0698

District Governor, Steve Weitzen 2020-2021 Mar 05, 2021

District Governor, Steven Weitzen, is making his formal visit to each of the clubs in our Rotary District this year by Zoom.  This important meeting will be his opportunity to get to know all of you and see how he, as District Governor, can assist our club and help in making our club year the best!

Kira Foody Mar 26, 2021
Child care during the pandemic

Join us to hear from our very own Kira Foody as she enlightens us on having a new born during these challenging times.