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Jennifer Nelson esq Sep 25, 2020
SDVLP - San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program


Since 1983, San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program (SDVLP) has changed the lives of thousands of poor women, children and men throughout San Diego County.  A private, non-profit organization, SDVLP is the county’s oldest and most comprehensive pro bono legal services program.

SDVLP serves the most vulnerable members of our community: the homeless, abused children, domestic violence victims, elder abuse victims, veterans, immigrants and those with HIV/AIDS. Notably, more than 75% of SDVLP’s clients are women and children.

Mission Statement:  To provide equal access to the justice system by serving as a bridge between indigent and other disadvantaged people in San Diego County and the volunteer lawyers and others who are willing to donate their time and resources.

Vision Statement:  That all people in San Diego County enjoy equal justice and access to legal services without regard to economic status.


SDVLP’s origins date back to 1980, shortly after the creation of the Legal Services Corporation (LSC), a quasi-governmental agency responsible for distributing federal funds to and regulating local legal aid programs. An LSC mandate that its grantees allocate a minimum of 10% of their awards to private attorney involvement activities, prompted San Diego County Bar leaders to form an Advisory Board tasked with creating an organized pro bono program that would comply with the new regulations. The Advisory Board, along with other representatives from the community, met throughout 1982 and by July of 1983, San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program was incorporated. Since that time, SDVLP has developed into the region’s major provider of pro bono civil legal services.

Jonathan Greene - SD Sockers Oct 02, 2020
San Diego Sockers

The Sockers are committed to providing San Diego with a spirit of charity, humanitarianism, and participation in activities that have a positive impact and enhance the community. We pledge our resources to help like-minded non-profits, charities, and the military to fill the needs of many through the support of education and recreation programs, appearances and sports clinics by players and coaches; donations of merchandise and tickets, and the gift of service by our employees.to support underserved communities. The Sockers Care program supports non-profit organization's initiatives in the community.

Gary Johnston - SD County Board of Supervisors Oct 09, 2020
Sibyl Leon - BREAD Encounters Oct 16, 2020
BREAD Encounters

BREAD Encounters' mission is to inspire kindness and create human connection through baking and breaking bread together.  They strive to engage the community to bake bread for those with food insecurities as well as drive positive social change through unique bread making activities.

Chief David Nisleit - SDPD Oct 23, 2020
SDPD Update

Join us to hear directly from the Chief what's the latest with the San Diego Police Department.  Given the current climate of calls for Defunding of Police Departments, it should be an interesting presentation.

Councilwoman Jennifer Cambell Oct 30, 2020
SD City State of Affairs

Tune to hear the latest from YOUR City Council Representative Jennifer Cambell

Yvonne Wise - Port of San Diego Nov 06, 2020
Port of San DIego Art Program
Richard Stakelum, Ed.D. Nov 13, 2020
Talk about Rich's ancestors and NOLA
Dr. A. Lee Brown Nov 20, 2020
Auther: THE VARSITY: A Story of America's Underage Warriors in WW II

About A. Lee Brown

Born in Texas and raised in Ocean Beach, California, Lee Brown developed a lifelong love of the sea. As a high school junior, he attended the US Coast Guard Academy through its early admission (AIM) program. Returning to Point Loma High, his goal was to graduate and matriculate to USCGA. To prepare for being a Coast Guard rescue swimmer, Lee became a marine safety officer for the San Diego City Lifeguard Service. As fate would have it, he was seriously injured during a rescue requiring a surgery that made him ineligible for any military service. Foreclosed from USCG, the injury didn't disallow him from continuing as a fulltime, year-round ocean lifeguard. Patrolling the beaches and bays of San Diego for a decade, Brown was able to marry, start a family and complete bachelors and masters from San Diego State and, later, a Ph.D. from the University of Texas, Austin.
For three decades, Dr. Brown was a faculty member at several American colleges and universities. In addition, he has served as the Director of the US Department of Energy's Summer Institute for Water & Energy; a lead planner for the Texas Department of Water Resources, and Dean of Mathematical, Physical, and Behavioral Sciences at Grossmont College. In the 1990s, the Browns moved to the northern Rockies allowing him to shift from academic science to applied hydrology. Working in Idaho, he was the Executive Director of the Environmental Resources Center, senior hydrologist for the Idaho chapter of The Nature Conservancy, and a regional manager for Idaho Water Engineering, LLP.
Lee's contributions have been recognized by US Dept. of State, Sunset Magazine, Outstanding Educators of America, National Institute for Organizational Development, City of San Diego Award for Excellence, and San Diego County Business Association. Additionally, his ideas have been funded by the Idaho Humanities Council, along with the Ford, Donner, and National Science Foundations. Above all, he is most proud of being selected as a Fulbright Scholar to the Oxford complex and receiving a Distinguished Faculty Award from San Diego State University.
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DARK for Christmas Dec 25, 2020