Speakers/New Members
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Starting in 2021, the PLRC launched an adjunct speaker program for its Friday club member meetings. Local entrepreneurs thus share their expertise to benefit club members, while introducing the PLRC to potential club members. Mike Whitehurst is the current Speakers Program Director.  
The PLRC has hosted a rich cohort of prominent speakers for most of its existence. Recent examples include:  
* Capt. Kenneth R. Franklin, Director of San Diego's former SpaWar cybersecurity facility, now known as the Naval Information Warfare Systems Command 

* Capt. Tim Quast, Commanding Officer of the USS Mercy, a Navy hospital ship that has served as an emergency Covid-19 hospital

* Shawn Dixon, Chief Operating Officer of the San Diego Zoo

* Matthew Dobbs, public liaison for the San Diego Police Homicide Department, and 

* Nora Vargas, San Diego County Board of Supervisors.   
Pictured above left are Carlos Gonzalez Gutierrez, Counsel General of Mexico for San Diego receiving the Ride the highly coveted Ride the Point hat from Club President Gus Goldau (Dec. 2021). Pictured right is the lively cohort of club members−including Membership Chair Donna Wilder (second from right)−posing with new members Lloyd and Connie Weaver (Aug. 2022).  
New Members.
“Rotary Club” means a local club of business and professional men and women. It is a member of the world-wide organization of similar clubs (Rotary International). These clubs are devoted to serving local, regional, or international communities with a view toward promoting world peace. One can become a Rotary member by expressing your interest. If you know someone in one or more of the various clubs in San Diego, ask to be invited to a meeting. Your host will give you an application at the meeting. Alternatively, you can fill out the application contact form, then attend a meeting. You can thereafter click on the New Members page.
Costs: You will normally not be charged for attending your first meeting, depending on each club’s visitor policy. You are encouraged to attend a meeting at a club, or clubs, in which you have an interest in joining. PLRC monthly dues−shared with Rotary's District and International Rotary arms−are $35.00. Weekly luncheons, for attendees who opt to share the meal, cost $25.00.  
From Red to Blue Badge.  You will be issued a red badge, with your name and professional identity, upon joining the Point Loma Rotary Club. After taking several steps, you will then be issued a replacement blue badge−designating you as an Ac- tive Member. Pictured here are Gina Varissimo, her daughter Margaret Varissimo−the PLRC's latest member to earn her blue Active Membership badge (Nov- ember 2021)−and Club President Gus Goldau. 
Rotary Dashboard. Prospective members can visit Rotary's worldwide webpage. It answers questions one might ask before joining. Members who are new or seasoned can learn more about the Rotary experience via the My Rotary Member Dashboard. It is a place for  Photo by Leon Scales
Rotary members to access tools and information that will improve their membership experience. See especially the Member Center on the Dashboard website.