Demotion Dinner
  Soon to be past President Gus Goldau welcomed
 the robust turnout to the 2023 Rob Cenko Demo-   tion Dinner. Gus set the stage for the annual skit   about our outgoing President. The Uniform Code of   Military Justice was created by Co
ngress in 1950.
 Rather curiously, Gus shared that, if taken as a
  prisoner of war, service members are expected to 
 provide only their  name, rank, identification number, and date of birth. But one had to wonder why 
 Gus was providing such details at Rob’s Demotion Dinner?   

 PLRC has a tradition of encouraging new members to introduce themselves at our meetings. We   affectionately call this event "Who Am I." Gus then recalled when Rob came on board and was given the lectern to tell us about himself. Rob alleged- ly gave the shortest presentation in the annals of Rotary history. As Gus stated: “We don't know much more about him than prisoner of war offers to his captors."                                                                                                                                                                                                              
Pictured left, Pink Panther (aka Dick Thorn), dressed as the defective detective Inspector Clouseau, began to seek out the elusive Rob's  real identity. Was Rob perhaps just a Babe Magnet? Inspector Clou- seau’s sleuthing initially focused on the on-the-surface, deceptively nice guy Rob. But further inspection revealed something far more sinister: 

 With this important revelation behind us, Gus then proceeded to share the real story:

             In all seriousness, Rob has been an outstanding president this past year. He
            may not have given us his life story, but he has given us his heart and dedi-
            cation. Rob, you've led our club with passion, integrity, and a whole lot of
            caffeine, I suspect. Your leadership has inspired us all to reach new heights.
            and make a difference in our community.

            Rob, I want to express my gratitude to you for your tireless efforts in guiding.
            our club. Your commitment to Rotary's mission of service above self has been.
            truly remarkable. So, you have shown us that actions speak louder than words.
            You tackled every challenge that came our way, from organizing fundraisers to
            coordinating community projects.
As we bid farewell to your presidency, we want you to know how much we appre-
            ciate your leadership and the positive impact you've had on our club. We are
            grateful for your unwavering dedication and the countless hours you've devoted.
            to making our community a better place.

Gus then passed the baton−and presented an appreciation
plaque to the now past president 
Rob Cenko.           

At this juncture, Gus turned the meeting over to Debra Gookin, PLRC’s incoming President. After being sworn in, Debra closed the Demotion Dinner with a toast:
                                    In conclusion, as we celebrate Rob's so-called. 'demotion,’ let's remem-
                            ber that Rotary is not just about titles or positions. It's about the peo- 
                            ple who come together to make a difference. Each and every one of
                            you contribute to the success of our club. So I'm honored to be a part
                            of this remarkable community.

                           Thank you all for joining us today to honor Rob Cenko and his incredible                                           leadership. Let's raise a toast to Rob, to Rotary, and to the future as we
                           continue to serve others and create a better world together. Cheers!
 Note: Thanks to Debra Gookin for her Power Point presentation & Ray Blavet for extracting the   above sleuthing pictures for use on this account of a most successful Demotion Dinner!  
The 2021-2022 Demotion Dinner was held at the Southwestern Yacht Club  −site of many of the PLRC's Friday luncheons in years past. Pictured left are the outgoing club president Gus Goldau, and incoming president Rob Cenko.
They are flanked by Gus and  Shan-non  Osborn, upon her receiving the Rotarian of the Year Award. The criteria for this award are listed here. Past PLRC award winners are listed here
The "shadowy" group, and novely-named "PLRC Singers," rendered
their version of the Beverly Hillbillies theme song,  with Gus as the satirical object of their classiical pre- sentation. Dick Thorn did an inspiring speech about Gus the man, which was a memorable job of de-scribing Gus. 
A number of individuals were awarded the highly coveted Golden Thumbs Up Award.  
               Photos by Margaret Varissimo and Bill S

This caricature was sketched by the previous week's luncheon speak- er−the San Diego Union Tribune's Steve Breen. It was affectionately signed by all club members. It includes one message in Chinese, in honor of Gus's birthplace in Shanghai.

Club members attending the 2022 Demo Dinner were able to savor the beauty of the second-best yacht club in San Diego :-), the nearby South- western Yacht Club.

Entryway picture by David Demangoes.