Oct 18, 2019
Mary Lou MacIlvaine



Dr. MacIlvaine is a Rotarian of Old Mission Rotary and a clinical psychologist in solo private practice in Kensington. She is a different kind of psychologist and treats anxiety, depression, and psychosis from a mind-body perspective. The majority of her post-doctoral education has come from a group in Princeton, New Jersey. Oddly enough, she is also president of a geothermal energy corporation, Gemcor, with a steam well by the Salton Sea.

At Old Mission Rotary, Dr. MacIlvaine presents a “Medical Minute” each week highlighting common issues such as anti-depressants, sleep medications, and how parents can effectively handle children’s and teens’ constant attention to their cell phones. In September, she recently celebrated the 30-year anniversary since seeing her first patient. She understands marijuana differently from the way it is portrayed in the media and has spoken to a number of Rotary clubs about the medical and family health issues regarding the drug.