Feb 05, 2021
Michele Nash-Hoff
Rebuild Manufacturing - the key to American Prosperity

Rebuild Manufacturing - the key to American Prosperity (Vocational)

by Michele Nash-Hoff

"After losing 5.8 million manufacturing jobs from 2000 - 2010, we have regained nearly 800,000 jobs and companies are returning manufacturing back from offshore. Michele will present information from her latest book, "Rebuild Manufacturing - the key to American Prosperity. She will discuss the current state of manufacturing, what has been accomplished in the last few years and discuss recommendations for national policies to rebuild manufacturing to create jobs and prosperity in America. Michele Nash-Hoff is President of ElectroFab Sales, a director on the board of the American Jobs Alliance and the San Diego Inventors forum, as well as an authorized speaker for the Reshoring Initiative to return manufacturing to America.
More information: www.savingusmanufacturing.com
Contact: michele@savingusmanufacturing.com, tel: 619-850-1575