On the 12th we had the pleasure of welcoming back San Diego Chief of Police Dave Nisleit.  Chief Nisleit was a guest of the club in the past and was promoted to the City of San Diego’s 35th Chief of Police on March 2, 2018, and oversees the eighth largest police department in the nation.  He is a native San Diegan and grew up in the Rolando Community.  His father was a police officer and now his son has joined the force.
Chief Nisleit touched on the crime rate (low and decreasing), homelessness (a problem but SDPD focus is compassion not incarceration), the working relationship with federal agencies (SDPD does not ask immigration status but will turn criminals over to ICE), and SDPD staffing (recent pay raises have stopped personnel leaving in numbers and closed some of the gap with new hires but there still plenty of good jobs available).  Overall a great program and we thank Chief Nisleit for his time and valuable insights.