Last Friday's meeting was a site visit to Talmadge Gateway Project, a low income/housing development.  Approximately two dozen members traveled to Talmadge, off El Cajon Blvd, to listen to the project manager, construction manager, and staff from St Paul's describe the importance of housing projects like this.  For more pictures and information click on the title "Visit to Talmadge Gateway" above.
Pictured are Jonathan Taylor, project manager for Talmadge Gateway, describing the project as PLRC members enjoy lunch on site.  Next is Bob Young, construction supervisor for the building company, highlighting this project as one of many that his  organization undertakes (and as a local and graduate of Hoover High, Bob is particularly proud of this project); and finally Liam Dunfey, an old friend of the clubs from St Paul's Senior Services.  Also shown is a picture of the ongoing construction, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of May.