Our meeting on Froday the 20th will feature Dr. A. Lee Brown, who will be discussing his book "THE VARSITY: A Story of America's Underage Warriors in WW II."  Born in Texas and raised in Ocean Beach, California, Lee Brown completed a Bachelors and Masters from San Diego State and, later, a Ph.D. from the University of Texas, Austin.  Dr. Brown has been a faculty member at several American colleges and universities. In addition, he has served as the Director of the US Department of Energy's Summer Institute for Water & Energy; a lead planner for the Texas Department of Water Resources, and Dean of Mathematical, Physical, and Behavioral Sciences at Grossmont College.
For Visiting Rotarians who wish to join our Zoom meeting: please email Prez Tim at tvmccully@yahoo.com for verification and vetting and he'll be glad to provide you the link to the meeting.  Visitors may also contact any member of Point Loma Rotary who they know and that member will provide appropriate vetting and the link.  This will ensure our meetings are not subject to unwelcome appropriation by non-authorized attendees (we don't want to be Zoom-bombed).