On April 26th we had the pleasure of hearing from Natalie Small Groundswell Unite.   Groundswell Unite's mission is to empower a community of young women interested in surfing who provide creative, safe and brave spaces for individuals overcoming trauma, abuse, addiction and mental health struggles to expand themselves and bring meaning into their lives.  Pictured above are Natalie, Pres-Elect Karin, and Lee Ann (one of Groundswell Unite's Most ardent boosters, who provided a gripping story of how the organization helped her overcome a most horrific experience).  We thank Natalie and Lee Ann for their time and experiences.
We also welcomed our most recent RYLArians from Point Loma High.  Youth Services Director Jim introduced them and provided the club with the annual summary of the great program that is Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA).  Pictured, from left, are Brandon, Ryan, and Retta, who shared their experiences from the camp.  Jim and Pres-Elect Karin, who attend the camp as Rotary Facilitators, also shared their experiences.  We thank the club membership for supporting this hugely successful program each year.