Apr 09, 2021
Matthias C. Kurth, MD, PhD
Vaccine Development 101 – or how COVID Vaccines came about

Dr. Matthias C. Kurth is a pharmaceutical physician practicing in greater San Diego.   His professional experience spans clinical medicine, neurology, gastroenterology, inflammatory disorders, and biomedical sciences. 

Matt Kurth grew up in Andover, MA.  He attended Rice University and received MD and PhD designations from Baylor College of Medicine.  Matt pursued residency training in Neurology at Stanford CA and then a fellowship in movement disorders and Parkinson’s disease. 

Matt, his wife Janice Kurth, MD PhD, and their two daughters relocated to San Diego in 1997.  Both Matt and Janice are Rotarians and members of the Rotary Club of Del Mar.  Janice was our Rotary District Governor in 2015-16.

Matt’s career focus is on clinical trial design and strategy, safety monitoring, drug development and post marketing support.  This presentation titled, “Vaccine Development 101 – or how COVID Vaccines came about”, goes into details on both safety and efficacy of the vaccines.  Matt and Janice are both vaccinators and have gained anecdotal information after vaccinating over 500 individuals.