Oct 25, 2019
Captain Lew Maurer
Catamaran MOANA: 118,000 Mile Odyssey to the World's Most Remote Places.


Through the eyes of the captain, Lew Maurer, comes the story of Moana spanning 118,000 nautical miles and fifteen years. A story of loving parents who are unafraid to take their children on an adventure that will shape them forever.
It begins with Michel and Martine. They contract to build Moana, a special, long-range catamaran they cruise with their four children, ages seven to seventeen, to the most remote primitive and beautiful places on the planet.
In a saga stretching from islands offshore Cuba and Venezuela, to the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, from the icebergs of Alaska to the South Pacific and Marlboro Sounds of New Zealand…experience the endless challenges of open ocean cruising.
Moana is a heartwarming and unforgettable journey that will leave you yearning for your own adventure at sea!