Jan 15, 2021
Barbara Khozam - Author/Chemist/Businesswoman
Zap Negativity and Ignite Your Life, Your Results

Zap Negativity and Ignite Your Life, Your Results

by Barbara Khozam

In business and life, the rules of fair play are constantly changing, leaving many people feeling drained. And when negativity creeps in, it becomes a trap that is easy to get caught in. Barbara will guide you out of that trap and show you proven techniques to create a rewarding and positive environment. She will take you on a laugh-filled, fast-paced, motivating journey. Your audience will discover the following:

• How to build a solid foundation so you can succeed at work and at home

• How to create a “Get over it and get on with it” attitude

• How to avoid someone else’s emotional negativity

• How to discover your enthusiasm and fuel it fire hot!

Barbara combines her unique enthusiasm and humor to instantly create connections and rapport with her audiences — they feel like she’s one of them. She will help your audience discover how to take seemingly complex solutions and boil them down to simple, measurable actions.

Our members walked away energized and enthused about what they learned. Barbara is a whirlwind of energy who will fire you up to start making changes immediately.

Barbara’s presentation is humorous, fast-paced with a no-nonsense approach to taking responsibility for your actions.
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Contact: Barbara@BarbaraKhozam.com, tel: 619-572-1117