Thanks to everyone who participated in last Saturday's Rotarians at Work Day at Famosa Slough.  It was a great turnout, with over 25 members and guests showing what happens when Rotarians get involved.  Special thanks to Leon Scales for all the coordination, to Jim and Barbara Peugh and David Kimball for their participation, the Friends of the Famosa Slough, to the handful of PLHS students from various clubs who came out, and to Chik-Fil-A for once again providing lunch sandwiches.
Click on the title above for another photo (Famosa Slough area in the early 1900s) and thoughts from Leon.
From Leon: We got a lot done (that drain at WPLB and Famosa, for example, hadn't been cleaned out in years) - but a lot remains, both to do and see.  Find excellent information - and opportunities - at  
Attached a piece of street map, showing Point Loma as it was 90 years ago, our Slough in the blank spot in the middle, surrounded by West Point Loma Blvd (with its trolley line), Collier Park, Famosa Blvd. and unidentified trails.  (Notice a "Government Dyke" that kept the river from flowing southwest. Rosecrans stopped at Lytton, across from the Bayside Country Club.)